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Company Secretariat is the compliance department of the Company. Company Secretary is appointed as one of the key Managerial Personnel of the company to comply with the various provisions of the companies Act and other relevant acts.Company secretariat complies with Companies Act. It plans and conduct the Board meeting, various committee meetings of the Board. It also prepares the minutes of the Board meeting and with the approval of chairman, it is being circulated to concerned departments for necessary action.This department is also dealing with around 6.30 lakh shareholders of the company to mitigate their grievances.Coal India is listed company. Company Secretary has been appointed `as a compliance officer for complying with Listing Regulations. It also files necessary forms with the Stock Exchanges as and when required. Company Secretary is the Compliance officer for marinating various records under prevention of Insider Trading Code of the company. It also conducts Annual General Meeting and Extra ordinary general meeting of the company. Company Secretary is also responsible to comply with the various provisions of SEBI Act and also deal with the Registrar and Share Transfer Agenda of the Company.