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Engineering & Equipment Division

Achievement of Engineering & Equipment Division

Excavation Department:

Major HEMM population as on 01.04.2022 and its % achievement of CMPDI Availability norms

Equipment  No. of Equipment as on 01.04.2022 % achievement of CMPDI Availability  Norms for 2021-22
Dragline 30 89
Shovel 689 97
Dumper 2788 116
Dozer 996 106
Drill 645 109

  • About 400 old and outlived equipment Major HEMM have been surveyed off in 2021-22 while 42 nos Shovels, 428 nos Dumpers, 63 nos Dozers, 25 nos Drills & 09 nos Surface Miner commissioned during 2021-22.
  • In the Financial year 2022-23,CIL is planning to procure High Capacity Equipment of more than Rs 2000 crores for enhanced coal production target in the coming years.

E & M Department

  • In terms of composite production (in m3), Specific Energy Consumption during 2020-21, for CIL as a whole, was 2.72 kWh/m3 vis-à-vis 2.91 kWh/m3 during 2019-20 with an overall decrease of 6.53% as CIL registered 17.34% growth in OBR in 2020-21 as compared to 2019-20.
  • Total 7 nos. electrical energy audits were conducted by CMPDIL during 2020-21 for different subsidiaries of CIL as mentioned below:
    • CCL (05 mines) - Churi UG, Sayal-D UG, Topa OCP, Kargali OCP & Piparwar OCP
    • NCL (01 mine) - Kakri OCP
    • BCCL (01 mine) - New Akashkinaree Colliery
  • Estimated saving from energy conservation measures in above mines shall be around Rs. 48.39 lakh kWh per year with an estimated saving of Rs. 272.2 lakhs per year in power bill.
  • Use of LED lights - High wattage luminaries /conventional light fittings have been replaced with low power consuming LEDs of appropriate wattage in majority of the places for quarry lighting, UG mine lighting, street lighting, office and other work places, townships etc., thereby resulting in huge saving potential in electricity consumption. 98,522 LED lights of different wattage rating have been installed during 2020-21 in various subsidiaries with energy cost saving of approximately Rs. 8 crores.
  • Improvement of Power Factor
    • Almost all the areas of the subsidiary companies have maintained Power Factors as high as 95% or more during 2020-21 by installing capacitor banks of appropriate kVAR rating.
    • There has been remarkable saving from power factor improvement in the subsidiaries such as ECL - Rs 13.75 crores, MCL - Rs 2.01 crores, SECL – Rs 4.64 crores, NCL -Rs 3.07 crores & WCL-1.48 crores.
    • In other subsidiaries, the power factor improvement rebate has been adjusted in overall energy billing.
  • Overall utilization of Running CHPs (Annual Cap>1MTY) in 2020-21 was 77%. 173.2MT coal was handled through these CHPs in 2020-21 which has reduced CO2 emission and dust generation by way of reduced diesel consumption by tipping trucks & reduced road transportation distance.
  • CIL HQ building has been identified as “Building Energy Efficiency Project” (BEEP) with installation of roof top solar plant by EESL.

Solar Department

  • CIL Board has approved the creation of an SPV namely ‘CIL Navikarniya Urja Limited’ to venture into new business area of New and Renewable Energy (Non-Conventional) segment including Solar, Wind, Small Hydro, Biomass, Geo Thermal, Hydrogen, Tidal, etc., along with other prevalent technologies/emerging technologies.
  • CIL has bagged its maiden commercial Solar Project outside its command areas by winning 100 MW Solar Power Project through Competitive Bidding conducted by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL).
  • CIL is in the process of implementing 315 MW of ground mounted and 11.5 MW of rooftop solar project in its own land. Out of that, tenders for 95 MW of ground mounted solar project have already been floated.
  • JV agreement was executed with NLCIL for creation of Solar Power Assets on 3rd July, 2020. SECL has awarded the work of 40 MW SPV Project for Bhatgaon and Bishrampur Area on PMC route.
  • CIL has also formed a JV with NTPC to develop solar power projects Pan-India. MOU has been signed between NCL and CNLUPL where CNLUPL will work as a coordinator for commissioning of 50 MW Solar Power Project at Nigahi Project of NCL on PMC route through NTPC Ltd.
  • Execution of MoU with EESL on 4th February, 2021 for implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects for Carbon reduction for CIL and its subsidiaries like Decentralized Solar Program (rooftop and ground mounted), Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure, Smart meters, Building Energy Efficiency Programs etc. Subsidiaries of CIL have identified Energy Efficiency Projects and implementation of solar power projects in consultation with EESL.
  • SPV namely ‘CIL NAVIKARNIYA URJA LTD.’ was incorporated on 16th April, 2021 to undertake the business of commercial Solar PV Projects in commercial basis.
  • Roof Top Solar Plant tendered in 2020-21 : 10.1 MW
  • Ground mounted Solar Plant tendered in 2020-21 : 95 MW
    • CCL-20 MW,BCCL-25 MW, NCL- 50 MW