Company All Active Tenders (Jul 18, 2018)

Tender Reference NoTitle / DescriptionOpening / Expiry Date (IST) 
CIL/Civil/R(M)/60/817-32 Dated 10.07.2018Cutting and Cleaning Jungle at CIL’s Premises at Salt Lake Tank No.-16 and Ultadanga, Main road site near Muchi Bazar, KolkataJul 23, 2018 at 15:00 View
CIL/Civil/CB/AB/03/795-811 dated 03.07.2018Repairing of Machine Room & CMPF office of Coal Bhawan Annex Building, at 10, N S Road, Kolkata –
700001 [ Corrigendum Added]
Jul 19, 2018 at 11.30 View
PNPM/PC-150/E/106/NCB Dated:30.06.2018Pre-Project Electrical Works (Supply & Erection) at Talcher, Odisha [ Amendment 1 Added]Jul 21, 2018 at 14:30 View
CIL/C2D/Firewall & Switches/2018/318 Dated 26.06.2018Supply,  Installation  &  Commissioning  of  Next Generation  Firewall,  Managed  L2 Switches  and L3 Managed Stackable Switches with CAMC and Technical Support. [ Amendment 1 Added]Aug 06, 2018 at 11:00 View
CIL/E&T/VC/2018/136 Dated: 18.06.2018Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) of IP Based Multi-Point Video Conferencing System Installed at CIL, HQ, All its Subsidiary Headquarters, CIL Delhi Office at Scope Complex, New Delhi and Ministry of Coal, New Delhi for a period of 3 years [ Corrigendum 1 Added] [ Corrigendum 2 Added]Jul 19, 2018 at 16:00 View
PNPM/PC-150/E/103/NCB Dated: 15.06.2018Supply Erection Testing and Commissioning of Construction Water System at Talcher Fertilizers Limited (TFL), Odisha [ Section-VI ( 5.0 TS_Elect_Part 1 of 3)] [ Section-VI ( 5.1 TS_Elect_Part 2 of 3)] [ Section-VI ( 5.2 TS_Elect Catho. Protection_Part 3 of 3)] [Amendment 1] [Amendment 2] [Amendment 3] [Amendment 4]Jul 23, 2018 at 14:30 View
CIL/C2D/24M3/88R Dragline/R/18-19 Dated: 07.06.2018Pre-NIT for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 6 nos. 24M3/88R Electrical Walking Dragline Along with Consumable Spares and Consumables for 12 months of warranty period from the date of commissioning of the Equipment and thereafter Spares & Consumables for a period of 120 months. [ Corrigendum1 Added]Jul 18, 2018 at 11:00 View
CIL/C2D/150T Dumper/R-67/17-18/314 Dated: 29.03.2018Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 77 nos. 150T Rear Dumpers along with Consumable Spares and Consumables for 12 months of warranty period from the date of commissioning of the equipment and thereafter Spares and Consumables for a period of 84 months. [ Corrigendum Added] [ Pre-Bid Response Added] [ Corrigendum 2  Added] Jul 26, 2018 at 16:00 View
CIL/C2D/SSRS/R-65/310 Dated: 23.03.2018Supply, Installation and commissioning of Mine Slope Stability Radar System with comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract [Pre-Bid Clarification SSRS] [Pre-Bid Clarification SSRS 2] [Corrigendum 1 Added] [Corrigendum 2 Added] [Corrigendum 3 Added] [Cancellation Notice Added]Jul 18, 2018 at 11:00 View
PNMM/PC009/E-4002 Dated: 29.09.2017Ammonia Urea Plant based on Coal Gasification at Talcher, Angul district, Odisha, India for Talcher Fertilizers Limited (TFL) - Supply of process license, basic design, detailed engineering, procurement, supply, manufacture, fabrication, inspection by third party inspection agency (TPI) as applicable, transportation of all equipment & material to site including loading, unloading, storage, maintenance, construction and erection of all civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works, installation, obtaining all necessary statutory approvals from concerned government authorities as applicable, testing, mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, sustained load test run, performance guarantee test runs, six months supervisory operation and maintenance assistance after gtr, total project management and handing over of new single stream ammonia synthesis unit with ammonia synthesis gas as feedstock for 2200 MTPD ammonia production and single stream 3850 MTPD prilled urea plant and its associated facilities on LSTK and single point responsibility basis, at Talcher, Angul District, Odisha, for Talcher Fertilizers Limited.
[1st Pre-Bid meeting Notice] [2nd Pre-Bid meeting Notice] [Amendment 1 Added] [Amendment 2 Added] [Amendment 3 Added] [Amendment 4 Added] [Amendment 5 Added] [3rd Pre-Bid meeting Notice][ Amendment 6 Added][ Amendment 8 Added][ Amendment 9 Added][ Amendment 10 Added][ Amendment 11 Added][ Amendment 12 Added][ Amendment 13 Added][ Amendment 14 Added][ Amendment 15 Added]
Jul 30, 2018 at 16:00 View
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